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14 March 1988
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From the childhood dancing music involved. Started to be fond of styles: breaks, electro, electrohouse, electroclash, house, synth-pop, trance. There was for revolving objects I of years in 16, being the pupil 10 classes. Already then I have decided to devote myself dj'ing: has refused study, Career in other sphere. In 17 years started to emphasize from a spelling of music as there is a talent for this purpose. The main thing - persistence, desire, work. The person should solve for itself, he can master this road whether or not. For me the spelling of music is now more paramount, dj'ing already fades into the background. To tell the truth, the income while is brought with performances. In the aspiration, I am guided by the West. The foreign tendency is those, that there the name is got due to releases, then the author invite to play in different clubs. The main question for me now - release written. It will be insulting, if my tracks will become outdated, and cannot reach general public. It would not be desirable to work in a table, anywhere be, but it is necessary to be issued.

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Social capital

  • less than 10